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5 things to do for Black Friday

5 things to do for Black Friday

Black-Friday is already so recurrent that it seems banal, doesn't it?

But it still has an economic power and an effect on the end customer that makes it necessary to bet on this day (these days? 😊) .

We leave below a list of 5 things that must be done to prepare for this day by your business.


1 – Dedicated landing page


If you have the opportunity, create a landing page (one-page website) dedicated to black-Friday. In addition to the user experience being better because people actually know where they are and what they are going to buy, in organic and link building terms it is also an asset.


2 – Category or dedicated product


In the event of not being able to create a Landing Page, and in the case of ecommerce, create a category and/or a specific product for Black-Friday.

Just saying that it's black-Friday at the beginning of the site or in the ad will not be enough….


3 – Customized creativities


Create custom creativities for this day. That is, attract attention with new banners, new flyers. Be original. If you've never used GIFs, this might be the perfect time. If you've never used video, why not start now? There are so many ways to be original 😊


4 – Multiple communication channels


Don't just put one sentence on the website saying you've arrived at Black-Friday. People already know this...

Show the world that Black-Friday arrived and you arrived with it. Once the Landing/Category and the Creativity are created, then spread all the channels that you have available. Social Networks, Google, Email, APP, Planes, Mail Pigeons… everything is an opportunity to share the news.


5 - Tracking


The advantage of digital is that most actions can be measurable. Make sure you have all the reports ready and prepared to analyze your next black-Friday campaign. Why?

Because in addition to realizing the profitability of this year's campaign, they have valid inputs for next year's campaign.


Now that you have the Olympic minimums, good luck for your next Black-Friday!

At Digitall Brokers, consultants are available to help you choose the best strategy for Black-Friday, with no associated costs.

Take the opportunity to test and simulate your project in the Digitall Brokers simulator and if you need any support or help in your process, you can contact us directly by email info@digitallbrokers.com or using the contact form.

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