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Freelancer or Agency? What should I choose?

Freelancer or Agency? What should I choose?

At Digitall Brokers, when we present proposals to the people who contact us, we always present several solutions that vary between agency and freelancer.


The first question we are asked is:

“But what is the difference between an agency and a freelancer?”


There are some differences that do not necessarily affect the quality of the project delivery.


Shall we go to them? 🧐




It usually has a higher value due to the resources used

It usually has a lower cost because the cost structure is smaller

Multidisciplinary team able to respond to other projects in the future

Specialist in 1 or 2 specific areas, where it will be necessary to sub-contract if there are other aspects of the project

It is not dependent on just 1 resource for the project. If he gets sick, work continues

Limited to 1 or 2 resources. If the freelancer gets sick, the work in question may be delayed because there are no backups.

Automated and formal processes

More informal environment


Obviously this table is not an absolute truth but an approximate reality of the national and international market in terms of digitall.

Usually, those who are taking their first digital steps, usually hire freelancers, where, with the evolution of the business, they can scale to an agency.

BUT, there are big companies that work with freelancers, and small companies that work with big agencies.

There is no right or wrong in this, as it actually depends on who appears in front of you, your needs and of course your budget.

As in any business, you should always analyze the pros and cons of your suppliers. What we leave here today is a small reminder that can help you decide your next partner and Digitall Brokers can help you in this process,free of charge.

Take the opportunity to test and simulate your project in the Digitall Brokers simulator and if you need any support or help in your process, you can contact us directly by email info@digitallbrokers.com or using the contact form.

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