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How much does social media management cost?

How much does social media management cost?

They are here to stay, social networks. And any business, small or large, has inevitably to be present here.

But what social network does my business fit most into? Should I be on all social networks? The answer here is clearly a NO..

There are thousands of social networks, and only a few hundred that are relevant, ranging from familiar and interactive social networks such as Facebook or Instagram,to social networks related to places or objects of interest, such as Pinterest. Unless your business fits them all, it will be easier to effectively focus on where your target audience is.


Filipa has a cake shop in London and realized that it is time to have a constant digital presence. In this case, Filipa has a product, with an image, that can be shared, viewed and maybe even purchased online.

Here Filipa can and should put her brand on social networks that go against what was said earlier about the product. Filipa's client is a normal consumer and today (tomorrow may change) he is on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest (this to start with just 4).

Linkedin is also a great social network for entrepreneurs, but in Filipa's case this will not be the priority, as it is not the focus of this social network, which is mostly dedicated to services and hiring.

In short, Filipa would have to be at least on 4 fronts to start appearing on social media.

The value for managing 4 social networks can depend on several factors, such as:

1 – How many posts per month on each social network?

2 – Are copy and design included?

3 – Comment management, is it necessary?

4 – Is it necessary to create and manage campaigns?

Because there are so many factors that can affect the management of social networks, the values can also vary greatly, where you can start with a service of €100/month and quickly escalate to €2000 or €3000/month.

Obviously these values depend on the variables of the project and the country where it will be worked on, as can be seen in the DIGITALL BROKERS SIMULATOR.

If you have doubts or questions about social networks, Digitall Brokers consultants are there to help you choose the best option and provider, with no associated costs..

Take the opportunity to test and simulate your project in the Digitall Brokers simulator and if you need any support or help in your process, you can contact us directly by email info@digitallbrokers.com or using the contact form.

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