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How to start selling online? 5 important steps!

How to start selling online? 5 important steps!

Black-Friday and Christmas is coming.

It's the time of year when any brand that still doesn't sell online is thinking about doing so.

For those who don't know, everything is sold online these days. From cups of coffee to offer to the aunt that cost €1, to the electric car that you can order directly from the factory for 80.000€ (and yes this happens).

Therefore, if everything is sold and everything is bought, it is time for all brands to have a minimal presence of digital sales.

For this, the Digitall Brokers team has prepared 5 simple steps to start this journey:


1st Step – “A” Online Store

Sounds basic, we know. But to get started effectively online, this will be the first step.

Build a simple website, with integrated payment methods and that in 3 or 4 clicks your customers have the purchase made.

There are N solutions on the market. Many agencies, many freelancers and even many software that allow you to have an online store where you pay monthly for managing it(see in this article the differences between providers)


Step 2 – User Experience (UX)

It is very easy to get distracted in the development of our online store, where we start to complicate and put more information on something that is new on the market.

The online store doesn't have to look pretty for the builder. It has to be usable for those who actually shop.

Use the KISS methodology (keep it simple and stupid) when building the store because we want, as previously mentioned, for people to be able to make a purchase in 3 or 4 steps. 😊


Step 3 – Social Networks

A very important point. The creation of social networks (if they have not yet been created).

Social media and online sales are important for 2 reasons.

1st – The credibility of the brand and the guiding line of the image will be directly in tune with the online store. People need to know that anyone who has an online store has a presence on social media.

2nd – Social networks themselves have some sales features that can be very useful for your brand. You can place the products on social media and sell there, or simply place the products and forward them to your online store.

The important thing is to have the products and be present (see which social networks should be present in this article).


Step 4 – Search Engines

If social networks are for showing and for “eyes to eat”, search engines (in this case Google) are there to be present if someone searches for products related to your brand.

Imagine you have a wine store. On social networks you want to show them, but on Google you want to appear in the first places when they search for “What is the best wine there is?”, correct? 😉


5th Step - Databases

Start gathering a customer database from the very first moment. Whether email, phone, or other data.


Because this step will be your pot of another 1 year from now. The customer who contacted you and purchased once will be the one most likely to make a repeat purchase.

It is important to treat customers with “affection”, knowing that they can count on you at any time, because you will also want to count on them at a given moment! 😊


Take the opportunity to test and simulate your project in the Digitall Brokers simulator and if you need any support or help in your process, you can contact us directly by email info@digitallbrokers.com or using the contact form.

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