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SEO or Google Ads?

SEO or Google Ads?

This is a platonic friendship presented as an eternal fight of the titans. Why?

Because many companies (small or large) wonder at a given moment whether they should bet on SEO (pesquisa orgânica) ou Google Ads (paid advertising on Google).

The answer here is: EVERYTHING!

Let's take a few steps back and remember concepts.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is what lies behind organic (or unpaid) search results. Websites must be worked on so that the content is relevant enough to appear on the first pages (well, the first one, the others don't matter). This work is carried out at the level of text, image and several more specific variables related to this topic and developed by professionals. This work, despite being more time consuming, is the one that remains active for later, not needing paid campaigns to appear.

Pesquisa orgânica

Google Ads is Google's paid advertising platform. Through this platform it is possible for any company to pay to appear in the first paid results of search engines. These campaigns, which we advise you to carry out by professionals, have several variables behind them that make them appear more or less, depending on the weight your brand has for the ad (auction, copy, domain). The great advantage of Google Ads is that, unlike SEO, the results are immediate. The downside is that once you stop campaigns, ads stop appearing.

Pesquisa paga

Having taken a few steps back, we now return to the initial question, where should we bet and why on EVERYTHING?

Companies should bet on the 2 aspects as they complement each other. It is important to have well-structured content on the website so that it is relevant to users, but at the same time it is important to invest in Google Ads so that there is consistency in search views.

In addition, companies that do not invest in Google Ads can be sure that the competition will (or is already doing it), and sometimes using words directly related to your business.

So, if you are undecided between one or the other, you already know that you should consider both. At Digitall Brokers, consultants are available to help you choose the best option and supplier, with no associated costs.

Take the opportunity to test and simulate your project in the Digitall Brokers simulator and if you need any support or help in your process, you can contact us directly by email info@digitallbrokers.com or using the contact form.

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