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What is a chatbot?

What is a chatbot?

Who still remembers that virtual lady from the IKEA website who was talking to us? Who never messed with that lady to see what she said???

Well, IKEA was one of the pioneers in the use of chatbots.

Through that tool, IKEA was able to respond automatically to what people asked. And it was brutal, because it was an innovative feature and it had been around for years.

But luckily and unfortunately, chatbots are here to stay..

 They are more sophisticated, simpler, more intuitive, sometimes they use Artificial Intelligence to answer the questions we have when we enter a website in a hurry.

And it is in this rush that we must focus when we talk about Chatbots. The internet user is constantly in a hurry. If you see more than 1 page of your website, that's a lot. And within that same page you want to find answers to everything.

Sometimes we can't fit everything into a page or 2, and we just can't be online all the time.And that's why the use of a chatbot becomes crucial.

The use of a chatbot in your company's business enables it to answer pre-programmed questions from its customers, and allows you to do so 24/7.

There are several chatbot tools on the market, including integrations that make whatsapp and Facebook Messenger a chatbot.

Their features and automation are so advanced that sometimes your end customer doesn't even know they're talking to a chatbot. (Something we do not advise. They should show the customer full transparency and that it is in fact a chatbot that is there to help).

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