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What is CMS?

What is CMS?

CMS is the acronym for Content Management System. This concept is here to stay in the sense that many of the websites built today are based on the technology behind these CMS.

A CMS is nothing more, nothing less, than a dynamic content manager that allows you to speed up the construction of online platforms, whether they are blogs, websites, online stores, among others.

Initially designed to manage existing blog content, CMS have evolved a lot over the years, causing major brands to use them to digitize their brands.  Sony Music, a global reference brand, is one of the examples that uses a CMS in the development and management of its website.

There are several CMS on the market, each one focused on different goals, such as building websites, online stores, applications, content management.

Examples of CMS:

– WordPress
– Shopify
– Wix
– Joomla
– Drupal
– Prestashop

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a CMS?

The biggest advantage of a CMS is autonomy.The CMS were created with this objective, to give autonomy to those who will manage the website and contents in the future.

In addition, another of the great advantages is the speed of implementation. The CMS usually have pre-built templates and features that allow that building a website or other platform doesn't have to start from scratch.

In terms of disadvantages, the biggest one is related to the autonomy of the associated programming. That is, when we use a CMS we are dependent on the code that was built on the basis of it, and sometimes if we want to change or develop something different, we may be limited at the level of programming that code.

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