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What is Performance Marketing?

What is Performance Marketing?

Marketing, this old word, has been getting more and more subtitles: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, among others…

At the end of the day, everything is marketing and everything complements each other.

In this case, Performance Marketing is associated with everything that can be measured within a certain type of campaign or medium. In other words, each and every effort of a brand awareness campaign has to be “tracked” in order to understand how, and when, to improve in the future.


Maria has €300 to invest per month in marketing.In this case, as the budget is reduced and Maria wants to make the most of it, it is important to know where it will be invested and what results it will generate, that is, what performance this campaign will have.
If Maria invested €300 in a digital campaign and it generated €500 in profit, then this campaign should be analyzed in order to scrutinize its performance and see if it makes sense to increase the budget or not.

Performance marketing has always existed, but nowadays it is associated mainly to communication carried out in digital media. Despite being the aspect that has the greatest weight, it is not always so. If Maria distributes 1000 flyers with a printed code that can only be redeemed in-store, then Maria will be able to analyze the performance of the campaign, where X Flyers generated Y customers in-store.

Regarding digital performance campaigns, these can be related to:

– Google or Bing Ads – Paid effective brand search campaigns

– SEO – Organic brand ranking analysis (unpaid search)

– Social Media – Awareness or Paid Media Campaigns

– Email Marketing – Newsletter and Email Automation

– SMS e Push Notification Marketing

– SMS and Push Notification Marketing – Newsletter and SMS/Push Notification Automation

So, must brands have all kinds of campaigns to have a reliable marketing performance? Not necessarily. It will depend on the type of product/service and current budget of the brand in question.

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