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What is Remarketing?

What is Remarketing?

If you haven't heard about this topic yet, know that at least you've been impacted by this type of strategy on the part of brands.

How? It's easy and we leave several examples 😊 😊

1 – Do you know when you are browsing a website and after 2 seconds advertising from that website appears on your Facebook or Instagram? They are not spies, this is Remarketing.

2 – Do you know when you read an email with a specific content and then that same content, or similar, appears on social networks? Again, not spies, this is Remarketing

3 – Do you know when you are on a website to buy a product, you arrive at the cart, and because you have not made the purchase, you receive an email to complete the purchase? Again, Remarketing.

4 – Do you know when you are talking to friends about a certain topic and then these topics start to appear on your phone through social networks? Here we do not promise that there is no espionage, but we know that it is also Remarketing 😉

Remarketing is a type of strategy that makes inbound marketing gain dimension and make sense. It is what allows brands to be continuously present in their customer's digital journey.

And should my company use remarketing? It is not spam?

It is not SPAM if used sparingly and usefully. As with everything in life 😊

This “type” of marketing has to exist in a complete digital marketing strategy. It makes no sense to impact future potential customers just once when they have the opportunity to remain present in their lives.

There are different campaigns that can be carried out in terms of remarketing, which we will now list:

1 – Impact people who went to your website with advertising from your website;

2 – Impact people who went to websites similar to yours, with advertising from your website;

3 – Impact people who went to your website with specific email marketing campaigns taking into account their behavior;

4 – Send SMS with promotions and/or campaigns to people who have behaved in a certain way on your website or who have purchased X product;

There are N remarketing, look-a-like and retargeting strategies that can and should be explored.

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