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What social networks should my business have?

What social networks should my business have? (1/2)

This is an interesting topic and one of the most frequently asked questions in the support we provide at Digitall Brokers.

It is important to understand for a certain type of business which social networks you should be present on. Whether you're starting a business or for a company that wants to take the next digital step.

Below is a list of some social networks and where they can/should be used:


- Facebook

The social network they say is “dead”. Yes, it already had its heyday, where naturally others began to appear, but it is still a social network where ALL companies must be present.

This is because the mindset of people/customers is very much about “Let us see how many followers this page has, because if you have few this company is not credible”.

And this is true. In other words, they may have the best product/service in the world, but if they don't have this “digital credibility”, they may be giving the wrong image. And this mindset is similar for various social networks.

The target audience present in this network is between 35 and 70 years old, which for some businesses is the key target group.

So, yes, Facebook is important for all companies and they should try to have a constant presence on this social network.


- Instagram


The “sister” of Facebook. Sister because for those who don't know, it belongs to the same Facebook group, having been bought by this group a few years ago.

It somehow came to “steal” some users from Facebook, but as they are interconnected, it makes sense to be present in the 2.

Here, more than Facebook, this must be the priority for the company. This is because, as mentioned earlier, this social network has many ex-facebookers, and a huge number of potential customers for any business. It is the social network with which more users interact daily in terms of image, video and text.

On Instagram, the age groups are different from Facebook, where we start with a target audience starting at 18 years old and with an age target up to 60 years old.

When Facebook allows you to communicate with an older audience, this social network allows you to reach younger people, which for some businesses can make more sense.

A presence of any business on this social network is crucial, as it allows for a wider reach than any other in terms of the public that is present there.


– Twitter

Donald Trump's social network (used for propaganda for the president of the United States) 😊 No kidding, it's a very important tool in terms of propaganda and strong messages that have to be transmitted to the audience present on this network.

It is a network based mostly on small text messages and widely used by the media, journalists and political parties.

It makes sense to bet on this social network when there is reliable and constant content that may have some relevant point of discussion.

It is not crucial at first for a company to be present in this network, unless the others are already well defined.



– Linkedin


The social network of employment and companies. This, like Facebook and Instagram, is one of those social networks that any business has to be present.

Although the primary objective of this social network is to bring companies and candidates into contact, it has gained important relevance over the last few years.

Many companies, directors, decision makers are here on this network daily, which makes it important for some businesses to have a profile and some credibility in it.

We also advise any business to create this social network and follow it up with a constant presence in it. (not as constant as others mentioned)



– Google Business


A few years ago, Google tried to fight the Facebook machine by creating a social network called Google+.

After a few years, they realized that the path did not pass that way, and the project no longer exists.

There is a similar project, which is the social network Google Business.

This network allows any business to create its company page on Google, allowing search engines to look at your business with different eyes.

By creating a Google Business account, in addition to being present in one more place, it also helps your website in terms of organic searches..

This network does not have a large network of followers and that is not the objective. It is effectively to be able to be present in search engines and also allow people to get in touch with the business in question through Google.



In summary, this first content on the topic (the next one will come soon with more networks), the priority we give at the level of social networks is below:


1 - Instagram

2 – Google Business

3 - Facebook

4 - Linkedin

5 – Twitter


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